Enterprise Consulting Services

Enterprise class solutions require in-depth knowledge and experience that can at times, exceed the grasp of your in-house resources. When you take on an IT services partner, you need to know that your deployment will not have any negative impact on critical line-of-business areas.

CZ Solutions brings over 20 years if Enterprise-Level experience to your environent with a team of engineers that understand the many complex variables that are often in-play. When there is zero margin for error, and schedules are tight, this kind of partnership is critical to the success of your project.

Network Infrastructure

If your network goes down, business grinds to a halt. There are few exceptions to this fact. As your business grows, the complexity and vulnerability of your network grows as well. In order to adjust to the ever-changing needs of your enterprise, you'll need your infrastructure to be solid and sound.

CZ Solutions Network Infrastructure Services:

  • Network and Internet Services
  • Data Network Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Digital Convergence
  • IP Telephony
  • Mobile & Wireless Technology
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Security
  • Enterprise Server
  • Data Management & Storage Technology
  • Web Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Network & Systems Management
  • Vendor Coordination & Management
  • Project Management
  • Support Services

Leveraging the experience and knowledge of CZ Solutions' Enterprise-Class engineers allows you to worry less about about the details of your project and focus more on your line of business concerns.

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Managed Services

When problems arise, by the time you know about it, there is most-likely already a negative impact. By proactively monitoring your environment, CZ Solutions Managed Services allows you to be alerted to a potential problem before there is impact.

CZ Solutions Managed Services:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus Deployment & Monitoring
  • Remote Assistance

Pro-Active monitoring of your Enterprise environment minimizes surprises and downtime, while allowing you to spend more time focused on the projects in your pipeline.

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Enterprise Desktop Services

Your end users are your business resources. When your employees cannot work, revenue generation is throttled. CZ Solutions Desktop Engineers understand the complex nature of Enterprise desktop deployment and management. Between corporate security policies, the threat of virus outbreak, critical line-of-business uptime and Microsoft Office applications, the many moving parts of desktop care can at time keep your IT staff bogged down.

CZ Solutions Network Infrastructure Services:

CZ Solutions can augment your desktop deployment & maintenance efforts to allow for a smooth and successfull rollout.

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