Family Computing Consulting Services

There was a time when simply having a computer in your home was a novelty. Those days are gone. Most families have more than one computer and depend on those computers for many functions; Web Surfing, Email, Multi-Media, Printing, the list can be quite long even with a small family.

CZ Solutions has been providing technology answer to families big and small for over ten years. Our engineers understand that every home is different and every family's computing needs will vary. With time needed for family ever-increasing, time available for troubleshooting your own computer issues dwindles. Let CZ Solutions hadle your home technology setup & care so that you can spend more time with your family.

Home Network

If you have two or more computers in your home, chances are you will want them connected; parents work from home, and kids rely on computers for their school work. As a result, families often need to share files, data and printers. This is the reality of home computing today. Few families are exempt from it.

In today's world, home networks need to be setup securely. CZ Solutions engineers are experienced with the kind of personal touch that families need with regards to their home network. We will work with you to understand your home personal technology needs and then properly setup & configure your home network so that you and your family can harness the power of computers, instead of feeling bogged-down by it.

Home Media Server

Just about everyone in the famliy has music, photos, and maybe even videos. But how can you share them? It is likely that you are currently eamiling them back and forth, creating stuffed mail boxes and multiple versions of the exact same file. What if you had a way to store every one of your media files in one place, have them backed-up regularly so they are never lost, and even be able to easily share them with each other... even share them securely with the rest of the world?

CZ Solutions are experts at setting up HP Media Smart Home Server. With this product not only can you centralize (and simplify) sharing of all your familiy's media, but you can forget about administring these files. Media Smart Home Server can scan all the computers in your home, make a central copy of music, photos and vidoe files and keep doing that as long as you like. This means that if you add a song to your personal computer, it will be added to the family music libaray. No further action needed.

Sooner or later, you'll want to share your music or photos with the world. Fortunately, you can do so with zero effort or headaches. You can have your own Web Address that allows you to share music / photos libraries sercurely with only those you wish. You can even use this internet address to access your personal computers remotely from anywhere in the world!

Personal Computing

Computing has never been more personal. Today, every family member has their own needs for their computer and rarely are they the same for all. Mom likes like to browse the web, Dad prefers to sync his mobile phone and the kids can't live without Facebook. While the scenarios may differ slightly, every family member usually boots up for differet reasons.

With all the many applications and devices that are required for personal computing, family members can sometimes feel overwhelmed with the details. CZ Solutions understands these dynamics and makes the experience of personal computing fun again. Instead of having the think-through every detail of a new application or connected device, you can spend your time using your computer, not wrestling with it.