Small & Medium-Size Business Consulting Services

As a small business owner, you may often wear many hats. One hat that you may likely prefer to leave off is IT Manager. As your days are typically filled with human resource, accouting and customer relationship issues, managing your computer environment is rarely the bright spot in your day.

CZ Solutions' Small Business Services allow you to forget the daliy minutia of deploying or managing a small business computing environment. By first understanding your technology needs, we can design, deploy and mange your technology environment so that neither you, nor your employess have to get bogged-down in in the details. Our knowledge and expertise in providing technology services to Small & Medium Sized Businesses is the leverage you need in today's market. Let us worry about the details so that you can stay focused on your business.

Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 allows you to intelligently mangage all aspects of your computing environment without the need for more than one piece of server hardware. Performing several critical roles all in one, Small Business Server 2008 delivers secure and centralized networking & file management for any business of up to 75 employees.

Small Business Server 2008 Highlights:

  • Secure Computing Environment
  • Central Data Store with controlled employee access
  • Remote Access
  • Reliable Network
  • Data Backup Capabilities
  • Printing Services

CZ Solutions is a Microsoft Small Busienss Server specalist; our engineers understand the realities of Small & Medium sized business and how they differ from enterprise firms. Because of our extensice experience in this arena, we can plan, delpoy and configure Microsoft Small Business Server 2008, allow your business to mazimize your resources and keep costs under control.

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Managed Services

"No news is good news" does not always apply to your computing environment. While things may seem fine, problems sometimes lurk below the surface, only becoming apparent when there has been an outtage. CZ Solutions Managed servies means that your server(s) and desktops are monitored 24/7 and you are notified if there is the slightest indication of a problem. In most cases, being notified of the problem emliminates further headaches and costs.

Resource Monitoring, Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Deployment, Patch Management, all just a few of the many benefits of CZ Solutions Managed Services for Small & Medium Sized Business. Don't wait until a problem is costing your productivity before you even know about it.

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Desktop Solutions

Your desktop or laptop computer is your workspace; without it, you are not likely to get too much work completed. Uptime is super-critical. Installing & Configuring new software can sometimes be frustrating. For these reasons and many more, desktop setup and care is an important factor for your business. CZ Solutions desktop services means that computers are setup and configured the right way the first time.

As your needs grow, and you need to extend your desktop, CZ Solutions Desktop Engineers will take care of the tecnical details and make sure that all moving parts remain moving; Mobil Devices, Wirelss Networking, Microsoft Office Application, and many more.